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Functional explanation of a web message


New messages are indicated by list.
The contents can be read as clicking the date and a letter can also be answered.
Moreover, if the sender and an address are clicked, the message to the man can be created, and if a transmitting person's IP address is clicked, it will change to "the specific visitor information" on access pursuit.


A message can newly be created and it can transmit.
The address of a message can also specify not only the user ID of PAKAPEKO ONLINE but a mail address.

When you register PAKAPEKO ONLINE, the mail address for web messages only for PAKAPEKO ONLINE is prepared simultaneously with ID. If the direction which is not the user of PAKAPEKO ONLINE transmits a message to this mail address, you can receive as a web message.

Therefore, even if the direction which received the web message is the user of PAKAPEKO ONLINE and there is nothing, it can answer the web message which you sent and you can receive it as a web message.


The contents of the web message transmitted and received until now are indicated by list.
Although a history can be accumulated to 1000 affairs at the maximum, since it becomes impossible to transmit and receive a web message if it amounts to 1000 affairs, please delete suitably.

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