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  This is a legal agreement between you and SurgeSpace Co.,Ltd.,("SurgeSpace"). Read it carefully
before applying for your membership or before using the service by applying for a membership
or by using the service you are confirming your acceptance of this agreement and you are
agree ing to become bound by the terms of this agreement and you agree that this agreement is
enforceable like any written negotiated agreement.

*This agreement is made by translating the agreement made in Japanese.
Japanese agreement shall be followed, when a difference of the contents is
between Japanese agreement and English agreement or a defect is in a text.
When a problem arises between you and SurgeSpace, a problem
shall be solved based on Japanese agreement.

1. General rules

a) Scope of this Agreement, and Change
This is a legal agreement between you and SurgeSpace Co.,Ltd.,("SurgeSpace") by using the service,
you agree to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.SurgeSpace reserves the right to modify
this agreement and content of the service at any time.

b) Content of the service
The access count of the visitor to the site which the member has established, and pursuit
and offer of a result of a perusal course
Issue of a mail address, and offer of message transceiver environment
Offer of the software for providing real time with service
In addition, service accepted that our company is required

c) Prohibition act
It forbids performing the following acts using this service on this service.
When this is broken, our company shall perform required measures, such as stopping offer of service to a member, without notifying a member.
(1) The act which defames others, such as slander and slander
(2) Distribution of an obscene document etc.
(3) The act which breaks good public order and customs or a statute
(4) Acts, such as giving other members or third persons trouble or disadvantageous profit
(5) In addition, an act with a possibility of causing trouble to business of our company, and this service
(6) The SPAM act using the transceiver environment of this service
(7) Illegal act
(8) In addition, the act judged that our company is unsuitable

2. Application

a) The application for this service use
The application for this service use shall be based on transmission from the application form on the homepage which our company manages.

b) Refusal of an application
Our company may not receive an application, when a proposer corresponds to either of the following.
Moreover, refundment when a charge is paid shall not be performed.
(1) When a defect is in the input to application form.
(2) Direction with a possibility of causing this service or our company trouble

3. Contract

a) The start of a contract
Let the day when our company transmitted "the notice of the completion of registration" in the E-mail to the proposer be a contract opening day.

b) Renewal of a contract (only the charged version)
In credit card payment, updating shall be performed by being automatic every three months.(However, as the member was a contract, when the case where credit card information and the method of paying are changed, and campaign are applied, each payment method shall be followed.)Renewal of a contract shall be performed by being automatic ten days before the term of validity.(It may get mixed up somewhat on account of a maintenance etc.)
In bank transfer, our company shall send guidance of renewal of a contract in an E-mail before about 10 days of the term of validity.When updating a contract, a member decides to pay in by how to pay predetermined so that our company can take a payment check by the present term of validity.

c) The minimum use period(only the charged version)
It is 12 months . However, when campaign application contracts, the conditions of campaign application shall be followed.

d) Cancellation
When you wish to cancel, a member decides to offer our company that by the E-mail.
When the charged version is used by credit card payment, payment by the credit card shall be stopped by changing the method which the member himself pays. It shall already pay and the charge of ending shall not carry out any refundment.

4. Use

a) Issue of account
Our company lends ID to a member. When registration of the member who used is deleted or canceled from this service, our company shall lend the same ID to another member.

b) The stop of account
Our company may stop or delete account, when a member corresponds to either of the following.
(1) When this agreement is broken
(2) Even if the account term of validity of the charged version passed, when renewal of a contract (a charge paying) is not performed

c) The stop of service offer, an end
Our company may stop or end offer of this service, when it corresponds to either of the following.
When a stop and end of service are determined beforehand, a member shall be contacted in an E-mail in advance.
When it is judged that our companies, such as an emergency, are required, the stop of service, a maintenance, a reboot of a server, etc. shall be performed without warning about a member.
(1) When offer of service becomes difficult for maintenance of electric communication equipment of our company and an associated business company etc., construction, an obstacle, the unexpected accident, restriction of service, and a stop
(2) When there are unavoidable reasons of the obstacle of the electric communication equipment which our company installs, or the unexpected accident
(3) When emergencies, such as a natural disaster, occur
(4) When it becomes impossible for a higher rank provider to offer service for a certain reason

d) Support
(1) Connection with our company and a member shall be performed only by the E-mail in principle.
(2) Our company shall provide a member with the information it is considered that is required when using service.
However, very elementary problems [, such as a way and treatment of a HTML file ] with which it deals, such as a computer and software, shall consider as the outside of the range of support, and shall be learned and used in the member's himself responsibility. When performing technical support in response to a request of a member, expense shall occur separately.(The fault by the side of server of our company is removed.)

5. Charge(only the charged version)

a) A use charge and the payment method
The method of paying is considered as credit card payment or bank transfer.
A member shall pay the commission which starts in the case of transfer.

b) Initial expense
At the time of the application of a new contract, initial expense and the charge of use for the minimum use period shall occur.(In campaign application, it is not this limitation.)
In credit card payment, it applies, simultaneously settlement-of-accounts processing is performed, and when it is bank transfer, money shall be transferred from an application day to the account specified b} our company within five business days.

c) Charge amendment
Without our company getting comprehension of a member, we may reform a charge and a member decides to consent to this.
Moreover, the charge system after revision shall be applied at the time of a re-contract.

d) In addition, a charge
(1) In performing technical support to each member according to a request, suppose that technical expense occurs separately.

6. Miscellaneous rules

a) Exemption from responsibility
About all damage generated when a member used this service, our company shall not take any responsibility regardless of how of the reason.
Our company shall not take any responsibility about the stop of the network management by the natural disaster, the unexpected accident, etc.
Furthermore, although it being original with our company to a system management, and taking backup etc. has taken all possible measures, suppose that our company shall not take any responsibility about data loss when the accident on an emergency system occurs, either, and preservation of precious data is performed in the member's himself responsibility.
By use of this service, when a member inflicts damage on other members or third persons, the member concerned shall solve a problem in his responsibility.
This service does not promise that neither service nor execution of software is interrupted, that there is no error in the execution, or that all errors are corrected.

b) Confidentiality of information
Our company does not reveal member information etc. to a third person except criminal investigation cooperation.

c) The range of reparations
When a member does damage to our company or this service by the act, or the injustice or illegal act infringing this rule, our company shall ask a member for reparations.

d) Solution of dispute
When a problem arises between a member and our company, both sides shall solve this after deliberations in good faith.
When you are sued, let Tokyo District Court be a jurisdiction court. 

SurgeSpace Network Department.
(C)Copyright 2002-2018 by SurgeSpace Co.